James May's Man Lab - 11 April 2013

Richard Knight as a Mime Artist for Man Lab 3 [BBC 2] - Series out 28 March 2013 - Here is the link watch 28 mins in…
image001Mime Artist - Richard Knight - Man Lab 1Mime Artist - Richard Knight - Man Lab 2Mime Artist - Richard Knight - Man Lab 3

Mime Artist - itv Alan Titchmarch Show - 14 March 2013

Performing as a mime artist being interviewed on 14 March for the Alan Titchmarch Show. Note the show was not rehearsed and no one knew what the questions were going to be? It was a lot of fun even though it was a 8 hr day mainly waiting around in the Green Room.

See video: https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/the-alan-titchmarsh-show/14-03-2013

Mime Artist - Richard Knight ITV C Alan Mime Artist - Richard Knight ITV D Alan Mime Artist - Richard Knight ITVB Alan Mime Artist - Richard Knight ITV A Alan

Short Film - 'Walking Against The Wind'

After just finishing a film shoot for Gulliver Moore about a Mime Family and there son it was great to work with such a professional team and we were well looked after which was especially lovely as we shoot for long days in the freezing cold.Mime Arist - Film shoot WATW 1Mime Arist - Film shoot WATW 2Mime Arist - Film shoot WATW 5Mime Arist - Film shoot WATW 4

Asthma UK - Video - 15 April 2013

Here I was playing more of a mime acting role character for ‘Asthma UK’ shot in SE London. Another great crew and another freezing cold shoot I can’t wait to film in summer next time.
See video: http://www.asthma.org.uk/the-campaign-risky-business
Mime Artist - Asthma UK Film 1Mime Artist - Asthma UK Film 2Mime Artist - Asthma UK Film 3Mime Artist - Asthma UK Film 4