Mime Workshop - 2018

May 12-13

(11:00AM - 6:00pm)

The Comedy School,
15 Gloucester Gate,
London, NW1 4HG.

£150 - Full Price 
£130 - Concession Price

Phone: 0207 486 1844


Mime is the universal language of the world, the foundation that forms the basis of learning in all cultures around the world. Whether it is used in day to day life or for performances on stage, mime becomes easily accessible for everyone, anywhere. The essence of Performance Mime specialises in using the techniques of illusionary & emotive mime to create compelling stories by using the physicality of one’s own body. I have received many emails stating that people would like to learn about the techniques of illusionary mime. The problem that is faced here, is that there are in actual fact very few quality illusionary Mime Workshops, courses or teachers of high standard that still teach in the UK today. To get the full benefit of Illusionary Mime, the teaching needs to go beyond simple basic mime techniques and to think in terms of how to apply the skills effectively in performance or for non-verbal communication and in every day life that is unique to that individual.

Is the workshop open to anyone?
The workshop is open to anyone on any level [minimum age 16 +] in performance based Arts or non-performance based people with an interest in mime for various reasons. In the past I have had, Voice Teachers, Drama Therapists, Magicians, Bank Clerks, Opera Singers, A Level students, Accountants, Actors, Dancers, Company Directors in the Corporate sector and people with simply an interest in mime...

About Richard Knight
Richard this year has been teaching and performing mime in the UK and abroad now for over 25 yrs. Recently this year 2014 was employed to be a physical Comedy consultant at the RSC, worked with Andy Serkis for motion Capture on movement vocabulary for the feature film: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and was the personal mime tutor for Carey Mulligan for the feature film ’Suffragette’ also starring Meryl Streep. He has a regular job teaching mime and physical comedy at East 15 Acting School where he has been teaching there now for the last 10 yrs. He has now developed his own unique approach and principles to mime and movement, developed form his vast experience that is easily accessible and now available for anyone who wants to develop their own understanding of mime, movement and body language. He is still performing around the world with his mime company ‘Mime The Gap’.

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What is taught in the Workshop?

  • Basic of Mime Fundamentals. Preparation includes: Tension - Release - Reverse - Curves.

  • Principles of Pushing & Pulling Objects - Basic principles.

  • Understanding the aspect of Resistance - Different Qualities of objects.

  • Knowledge of Mime Principles - Fixed Points - Fixed Space - Suspension - Robotics.

  • Non Verbal Communication - Using the Breath to create different emotions.

  • Qualities of Substance - Earth - Air - Water - Fire.

  • Mime Walks - Slow Motion - Running - Walking on the Spot - Moon Walk.

  • Using Music with Mime - working with Music in Performance.

  • Apply Skills in Performance - Performing in front of others.

    What do I do now to book my place?
    Email me: mimethegap@mac.com

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